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Minerva Boat Company wins European Luxury Travel Award

Minerva Boat Company wins European Luxury Travel Award!

We are proud to announce that Minerva Boat Company has won the European Luxury Travel Award in the “boat rental” category in 2019.

The city of Ghent can be proud …

The Luxury Travel Award recognizes individuals and companies that offer their clients a unique lifestyle experience. The Award honors excellence in all sectors of the luxury travel and tourism industry. A team of experts has traveled the world in order to identify everything.

This year the Award went to Minerva Boat Company.

Minerva Boat Company has a beautiful fleet of boats and luxury sloops for 1 to 12 people.

This allows you to visit the charming river Leie for a few hours or a full day with your friends, colleagues or family. You will sail in peace along beautiful gardens and past the painter’s villages of St.-Martens-Latem and Deurle.

It is also possible to explore the historic center of Ghent.

A boat license is not required. Information is provided about the sailing route and how you can safely steer the boat before departure.

You can also rent a cool box on site and take soft drinks or wine/beer with you on the spot.

The customer experience is always central: Minerva Boat Company wants to give every visitor a good feeling on every occasion!

With our team, we are extremely proud that our dedication to customers has been rewarded and we also thank the city of Ghent that makes it possible for our customers to enjoy all the beauty that Ghent can offer in our Minerva boats and luxury sloops.

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