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Luxury sloop (5p) - Boat trip on the Leie I Minerva Boat Company Ghent

LUXURY SLOOP (5 people)

  • From € 73 / 2 hours
  • Max. pass.: 5 + 1 child (-12 years)
  • April - November
  • Min. age of captain: 18+
  • Number of boats = 2
  • Reservation required

You can sail daily from April 1 to November 1 from 10 am to 8 pm. During the July and August from 9 am to 9 pm. This period may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Maximum 5 people + a child – 12 years old.

Only the cabrio boats and luxury sloops are suitable for sailing through the historic centre of Ghent.

The standard boats cannot pass under the low bridges!!

Due to heavy boat traffic in the centre of Ghent sailing experience is strongly recommended.

2 uur73 €
3 uur108 €
4 uur140 €
5 uur170 €
6 uur199 €
7 uur224 €
8 uur246 €

This price per boat includes the rental of the boat, VAT, fuel and insurance.

On site it’s possible to pay by bank card/cash.

The discount per number of boats is only for the standard boats and does not apply for public holidays or Saturdays and Sundays during June, July and August.

You can also make a trip with one or more boats, moor on the way and we will come and collect the boats for you or deliver them to the location (additional charge).

You can hire a captain for an additional €30/hour (request a minimum of 24 hours in advance)

It’s possible to bring your own picnic on board on all boats! Be careful not to bring any oil-containing products.

Soft drinks, beer, wines and cava are available on site.

We do limit the amount of drink that can be taken on board. To prevent problems and intoxication. There are also marine alcohol and drug controls.

The captains must be sober and not under the influence. If drunk or under the influence we will refuse rental. If several of the crew are in a drunken state or under the influence, we will also refuse rental. The advances already paid will therefore not be refunded.

Pets are not allowed on board.


  • Bancontact and cash payment
  • Fuel included
  • Insurance included (excl. € 200 franchise per boat or € 250 per luxury sloop)
  • VAT included
  • There is an additional charge for collecting the boat from or bringing to a mooring place
  • You can hire a captain for an additional € 30 / hour (request a minimum of 24 hours in advance)


  • No boating license required
  • Pets are not allowed
  • It’s possible to bring your own picnic on board on all boats